Covid-19 Awareness e-learning course for Maritime

1067 – Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Awareness Course based on IMO & WHO guidance

Course category: Common Code: 1067 Who should attend: All crew (Operational & Management) & shore personnel Objectives and Benefits: The aim of this training is to raise awareness regarding Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and provide the vessels’ crew with the necessary information & tips, to stay safe and to reduce the risk of transmission. References: WHO and IMO guidelines regarding Coronavirus…

1062 – IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap

Course category: COMMON Code: 1062 Who should attend: Shore-based and shipboard personnel (Management and Operational) Objectives and Benefits: The aim of this course is to familiarize the course participant with all the aspects of the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap Regulations and provide an in-depth knowledge about the upcoming maritime changes defined by IMO, which will be strictly implemented…

Resilience Training Programme: Positive Communication

Resilience Training Programme: Positive Communication

Positive communication module is a part of the Resilience Training Programme. This training programme desires to enhance human performance. It aspires to help you to get more flexible thinking and to obtain the capacity to face up circumstances out of plans. The module provides the adequate theory in a simple way by using every day life examples to help you comprehend it easier.

1030 – Presentation Skills

Course category: COMMON

Code: 1030

Who should attend: Maritime instructors and assessors who are responsible for conducting training and setting assessments

Objectives and Benefits: The aim of the course is to prepare instructors to improve their presentation and communication skills, in order to deliver effective presentations to various audiences.

familiarization with high voltage

Familiarization with High Voltage

Course category: TECHNICAL

Code: 4005

Who should attend: The session should be attended by those involved with ship electric networks, office superintendents and shipboard engineer and electro-technical officers.

Objectives and Benefits: This course is intended to provide an in depth description of High Voltage electrical and automation systems, with typical voltages of 3.3 KV and 6.6 KV, as well as the procedures for their installation and testing.