Online CBTs for OCIMF SIRE 2.0 inspections

SIRE 2.0 is the latest version of the Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE), developed by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF). SQLearn provides a training portfolio including a library of online CBTs for trainings arising from OCIMF SIRE 2.0 requirements. OCIMF’s SIRE 2.0 has been designed to improve the inspection process and ensure that vessels are meeting the required safety and environmental standards.

STCW Crisis Management online course

STCW Crisis management and human behaviour for passenger ships, A-V/2-2

STCW Crisis Management and human behaviour online course covers the mandatory minimum requirements for the training of masters, officers, ratings and other personnel on passenger ships in Regulation V/3 pa.7 and 8. of the STCW Convention and specified in Section A-V/3 pa.4 and 5. STCW Crisis Management online course refers to the application of strategies…

Effective communication onboard ships

Effective Communication Onboard Ships

Effective Communication Onboard Ships online course, developed in cooperation with VENLYS, focuses on giving and receiving communication and feedback clearly, precisely and in an assertive and affirmative way. This course aims to build skills in order to communicate effectively and develop assertive behavior in a multicultural environment. Buy Effective Communication Onboard Ships online course Highlights:…