AEN e-learning

Sponsorship to Merchant Marine Academies

Sponsorship for e-Learning Management System to Merchant Marine Academies by SQLearn

SQLearn provides free of charge for the next three years an integrated e-Learning system to all ten Merchant Marine Academies (MMA) in Greece, within the content of the cooperation with the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.


Personal Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

The e-learning course titled “Personal Data Protection and GDPR Compliance” is developed by SQLearn in line with the recent European regulations on the above subject and is also based on the industry’s best practices. The aim is to engage and increase awareness to the audience who will attend the course, regarding the definitions and the determined scope of the regulation’s implementation.


SQLearn participates to GSS-VET partner meeting

SQLearn successfully participated in the event organized for the GSS-VET partners in Spain, as the guidelines of every Erasmus project require. The progress of the project was discussed during the meting as well as further actions and components that will be completed until the next partners meeting that will take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.