The flipped classroom model in corporate training

This new educational model, differs from the traditional “frontal teaching”, since virtually reverses educator’s “in class” instruction (synchronous e-learning) with homework (asynchronous e-learning). In fact, lessons studied at home, give the opportunity to save time for discussion, learners’ questions and collaborative activities with the supervision and assistance of the trainer, during the synchronous e-learning.


SQLearn exhibits at Posidonia 2016

SQLearn will exhibit at Posidonia 2016, 6-10 June 2016 at Metropolitan Expo Centre SQLearn was founded in 2006 and is a specialized provider of e-learning services. SQLearn provides a web based e-learning system specifically designed for the shipping industry, helping crews to access training content and assessments from ashore and from vessels. SQLearn designs and…

vLMS e-learning system for the maritime industry

SQLearn’s vLMS is a web based e-learning system specifically designed for providing learning material and management of the e-learning courses in the shipping industry. vLMS can be used from any modern PC and it helps familiarizing the crew as well as the commander with the ship but also with the daily procedures of the ship. The technology used in vLMS allows seamless use in conditions with low internet connection speed or no internet connection at all. The vLMS system is a specialized solution for e-learning for the shipping industry.