Bunker Fuels Ops & Malpractices

Course category: COMMON

Code: 1059

Who should attend: Shipping Companies (Μasters, Chief Officers, Engineers), Oil companies (Bunkering Dpt), Bunker suppliers/traders

Objectives and Benefits: The aim of this course is to explain guidelines, procedures, best practices and current regulations and standards followed, along with malpractice cases, so as to help participants to gain an enhanced or advanced working knowledge on the bunker delivery process, procedures and calculations.


Real Dolphin: Virtual Reality in maritime training, a fascinating world!

Focused on providing new methods, technologies, and interactive learning solutions, SQLearn proceeds with designing and developing Virtual Reality applications, in order to transform training into a lifelike experience. SQLearn, as part of its Dolphin Platforms, has opened up this fascinating world by creating Real Dolphin, that combines virtual reality technology with innovative e-learning resources.


SQLearn becomes a member of INTERTANKO

We are excited to announce that SQLearn is now an Associate Member of INTERTANKO (International Association of Independent Tanker Owners), the voice of independent tanker owners worldwide. Its network consists of over 400 both full and associate members, controlling more than 3.900 tanker vessels. Being a part of INTERTANKO will allow us to join a big network for facilitating cooperation and sharing knowledge with partners.

Resilience Training Programme: Connections to Home

Resilience Training Programme: Connections to Home

Connections to home module is a part of the Resilience Training Programme. This training programme desires to enhance human performance. It aspires to help you to get more flexible thinking and to obtain the capacity to face up circumstances out of plans. The module provides the adequate theory in a simple way by using every day life examples to help you comprehend it easier.