E-learning courses provided with user licence

1010 – Safety Food Sanitation System

During the course trainees will be familiarized with the following subjects: Gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses, Foodborne illnesses, causes and prevention, Equipment and facilities (related to food and other areas), Food protection, Hazard analysis critical control points (what they are and how to apply them), Potable water (protection and handling), Housekeeping and infection control.

1007 – Onboard Ship Assessment

This course is intended to provide participants with the qualification for assessing seafarer level of competence in accordance with international provisions as well as selecting and organizing assessment methodologies. The course is based on key topics of IMO Model Courses 1.30 “On board Assessment” and 3.12 “Assessment, Examination & Certification of Seafarers”, STCW Regulation I/6, A-I/6 and is interactive.

1003 – Oil record book – Part I (Machinery Space)

Provides guidance on how to record a wide variety of operations by following the IMO guidance (including handling of bilge water and sludge, bunkering and fuel tank ballast operations). A number of common sources of oil record book mistakes are highlighted, together with the IMO recommended way of making corrections. Guidance on how to keep accurate records that will provide evidence to Port State Control that the ship has handled oil and oily waste correctly and that the regulations have been complied with.