The Liberian Registry approves SQLearn on-line courses

The Liberian Registry approves SQLearn on-line courses

In April the Registry approved online training courses for the seafarers consisting of the Dolphin Library that includes over 60 training modules. The Registry supports innovative resources opening doors to many seafarers to advance their careers and polish their skills. This month the Registry proceeded with approval of STCW Basic Training courses (consisting of 5 modules) which offer a new experience in the field of maritime training.

Brave Dolphin Virtual Reality maritime training

BRAVE DOLPHIN – a brave Virtual Reality (VR) dive into the maritime world!

Known for the creative spirit and innovative training tools, SQLearn, the Greek company with exclusive expertise in e-learning, spreads wings in the fascinating world of Virtual Reality. The company, having a long-standing presence providing effective training solutions for various business industries, is currently implementing the Brave Dolphin project, aiming to create the ultimate VR training tool for the maritime.

STCW basic training refresher online Liberia approved

Refresh your STCW Basic Training certificates with online e-learning courses, approved by the Liberian Registry!

STCW Basic training online courses both theory & practical training, flag approved, are offered ONLINE with e-learning (CBT)! SQLearn, the e-learning experts for maritime training, is proud to announce the offer of STCW Basic and Advanced training via e-learning courses approved by the  Liberian Registry. This pioneering achievement offering a new experience in respect of training…


E-learning solutions for Energy Efficiency purposes!

SQLearn e-courses are carried out virtually and thus its products and services are environmentally friendly by their nature. According to statistics from the Open University in Britain, e-learning requires 90% less energy than traditional on-site classroom education, while CO2 emissions per trainee are reduced by 85%. The energy savings derive from fewer travel emissions, less paper usage…

Live Discussion: Vessel touched bottom in Suez Canal Incident

“M/V Ever Given Case – Facts & Implications”, a LIVE Discussion under the auspice of SQLearn.

SQLearn, being next to the shipping industry through e-learning solutions, conducts a LIVE Discussion about the “M/V Ever Given Case – Facts & Implications”, presenting Lessons Learnt for the “Vessel touched bottom in Suez Canal” incident. The LIVE Discussion takes place on Thursday, June 10th, from 18.00 to 20.00 GMT+3 with free registration for participants…

Ηow are seafarers faring in an age of mental wellbeing

All at sea: how are seafarers faring in an age of mental wellbeing?

Having been overlooked and considered taboo for many years, the issue of mental health is steadily emerging. Unfortunately, one such example is the maritime industry. Despite the burden of long stretches at sea, and the obvious impact this has on a seafarer’s mental wellbeing, the issue of mental health has not been a particular focus. And with continuing Covid-19 restrictions, the issue is more pressing than ever before.

SQLearn becomes a Nautical Affiliate partner of the Nautical Institute

SQLearn becomes a Nautical Affiliate partner of the Nautical Institute

We are delighted to announce that SQLearn has become a Nautical Affiliate partner of The Nautical Institute! SQLearn embraces and shares the values of the Nautical Institute and helps fund the Institute’s Mariners’ Alerting & Reporting Scheme (MARS). MARS is a free searchable database containing reports of accidents and near misses stretching back over a quarter of a century and is funded through the generous support of the Institute’s Nautical Affiliate partners! It is one of the maritime industry’s leading risk reduction initiatives and is helping to make life safer for seafarers everywhere.